Who we are

Jerusalem's culinary traditions comprise of foods and cooking methods that span three thousand years of history. Now Ruth's Kitchen brings the authentic experience to Norwich.

Ruth’s Kitchen aims to sell Healthy, nutritious, delicious falafel and Middle Eastern salads,  Using fresh ingredients.

Ruth’s kitchen aims to produce authentic dishes as served in the old city of Jerusalem with her own twists on the recipes.

The history of falafel

Falafel, despite its strong connection with Jerusalem, actually originates from Egypt, and was originally made from fava beans.

Its roots can be traced right back to the Christian Copts of Egypt who were forbidden from eating meat during certain holidays and came up with a falafel-like alternative.

As the popular snack spread throughout the region, the early Jewish pioneers took on the local Arab version made with chickpeas; as time passed the falafel slowly integrated itself as a mainstay of the Jewish-Israeli diet, even if only as “street food”, until it reached its national icon status of recent times.

What we do

We use only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. Wherever possible, fresh herbs and spices, ground or otherwise are prepared in our kitchen just before they are used in our dishes.

We aim to be a friendly environment with exceptional customer service.

We decided to open a falafel shop because we can never find something healthy and quick and affordable to eat for lunch.

Our oil will be change daily and sometimes twice a day if needed.

We will provide 2 options on our chicken, halal and normal.

Most of our products will be sourced from local farmers.

We will import our olive oil & chickpeas to produce the most authentic dishes.

All food would be prepared on site and made daily, we believe in fresh food.

So, what is falafel?

Falafel is basically a fried ball of seasoned chickpeas (the seasoning will vary according to the falafel vendor’s probably extremely top secret recipe). As you can see from the falafel recipe below, there’s also a bit of garlic, onion, parsley and coriander usually thrown in to the mix.

Falafel is not only hugely popular in Jerusalem; throughout the Middle East it’s a common form of quick and cheap street food and is often served as a mezze (appetizer).

When buying your falafel portion from a street vendor, it will usually be served in a pita, which holds the falafel balls and as much salad as you can squeeze in. It’s actually quite an art, trying to stuff in as much as you can without the pita breaking! The falafel balls are typically drizzled with tahini sauce and slotted in alongside a variety of salads and pickles from which you will be prompted to choose.